Stone Smoked Porter

I like the idea of rye beers and of smoke beers.  Something just seems right about adding one or both of those elements to God’s perfect drink.  I

I Highly Recommend.

also think there is a lot of experimentation for the sake of experimentation in the world of brewing (Dogfish Head!) and it gets to be a little ridiculous.  Beer snobbery.  Look at how cool I am, I am drinking a Mesopotamian recipe that includes craftsman-hammered 20 karat gold leaf and Canadian thistle down.  That’s just bullsh*t.  Stone Smoked Porter is not bullsh*t.  It’s dang good is what it is, and if I am drinking something to make me look cool, this is my choice.  In my case, it’ll take a case at least to make me look cool, but there you have it.  The best thing about Stone Smoked Porter is that it introduces smoke without becoming one of those bacony rauchbiers or rawhidey, campfire-smelling smoke beers.  Stone Smoked Porter pours deep brown, ebony, with a hint of ruby when held up to the light.  It’s big, frothy head produces ample lacing that looks almost like an ice cream float head.  Very appealing.  Not a lot of smoke smell comes off the head, but some does, and it seems natural and appropriate.  Lots of roasted coffee and a little bittersweet chocolate, some caramel and hop bitterness, then finally some alcohol.  Smoked Porter is smooth on the tongue, and that subtle smoke note can be enjoyed along with a good dose of coffee as it excites the taste buds.  The bitterness in the finish is just right.  This is a very good smoked porter!   95/100 Porter


2 Responses

  1. I enjoy this porter too. Do you know how they get the smoke flavor? Is it from liquid smoke or are they actually smoking the malt?

    -D. Usual

    • “Smooth, with chocolate and coffee-like flavors balanced by subtle ‘smoky’ character of peat-smoked specialty malt.” says Stone Brewing Company. I’ll have to revisit this beer to see if I can find any single malt whisky comparisons in the bouquet.

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