Gravedigger Billy

Image courtesy of Revolution Brewing.

Image courtesy of Revolution Brewing.

Pop the cap on Gravedigger Billy Wee Heavy Scotch Ale aged in bourbon barrels (Revoultion Brewing, Chicago, IL) and prepare for an OMG moment.  You are immediately bombarded with whiffs of caramel, sweetness and lots of boozy goodness, as if the redolence has been waiting to be released.  Pour Gravedigger Billy and behold a deep brown brew with a garnet cast and a tan head that breaks down into a swirl of atmospheric weather patterns.  The bouquet becomes more nuanced as Gravedigger Billy breathes, introducing some licorice and coconut to the nose.  The taste follows the bouquet well, finishing with some sweetness and a touch of earthy tartness, and no dry or bitter residuals.  Very smooth and creamy on the tongue.  Despite the 10.4% ABV there is no sign of alcohol astringency.  Gravedigger Billy is amazingly tasty, and a member of the Deep Wood Series of barrel-aged beers from Revolution, a series of beers that literally changed the way I approach beer drinking and appreciation. I can’t say enough good things about Gravedigger Billy.

Buy yourself a bomber and share it with someone you love!

97/100 Scotch Ale

Drink local, f*ck AB-Inbev.


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