Peroni Nastro Azzuro

Looks good to me.

From Pierogi to Peroni, this is a good beer to accompany a little Assassin’s Creed II, but I digress.  I haven’t had much experience with Italian Beer, but this was a positive one for sure.  A friend brought some to our annual Christmas Eve madhouse and it helped me to keep things in perspective.  Pale yellow, crystal clear and well-carbonated, Peroni is able to support a whispy head for a little while.  The bouquet is crisp, tangy, a bit sweet and a bit papery.  It’s tasty and lively on the tongue with some sharpness and dryness that activate the salivary glands.  There’s a bit of rust/blood (hops) in the finish and a slight reminder that grain is present.  It’s very good.  I can imagine enjoying a few of these on a hot summer evening, eating chips with Donna’s famous rally dip, listening to a White Sox game on the radio.  Sounds like heaven, and so far away!

BTW, rally dip…the best home made chip dip ever.


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