Berghoff Prairie Lager

Yet another offering in the “All Our Beers Are The Same” series from the Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, WI.  Two mouthfuls of this buttery, rusty dreck and it was down the sink.  What the heck is wrong with those people?

How about a generous 20/100 in the lager category.


2 Responses

  1. Who is this guy “Bill”? What does he know of Berghoff Beers? They are all made independent of Minhas brands using independent recipes for each style and proprietary yeast….not Minhas yeast.
    So Bill you may not like the beer or style but please get off the Minhas-Berghoff comparison!

    • Sorry I’ve offended you Gary, but I’ll stand by my review. Since Minhas has taken over production in Monroe, (where the Berghoff brand is currently brewed) things don’t taste very good. It’s very disappointing.

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