Hop Happy

Image courtesy of beerpulse.com

Two words that go together oh so well.  Hop Happy.  Hop Happy, from Milwaukee Brewing Company, is a rusty gold, red-hued and noticeably carbonated IPA that floats a sparse head with a propensity for decent lacing.  The sweet, hop-infused bouquet has a hint of fruit, maybe apricot, way at the back.  Hop Happy is a bit thin-bodied and slightly bitter, although the oats used in the brewing probably keep this from being too thin and too bitter.  All in all a decent beer, but the wow factor is just not there for real hop heads.  A good introduction to the style perhaps, and at 7.7% ABV not exactly a small beer.

Check out their website, a very cute and happy design.

70/100 American IPA


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