Very Mad Cow Milk Stout

Courtesy of Revolution Beer, LLC

Courtesy of Revolution Beer, LLC

Interplay of flavors and aromas make Very Mad Cow Milk Stout a winner, but I get ahead of myself.  Very Mad Cow is part of Revolution Brewing’s Deep Wood Series of barrel-aged brews, and has spent 6 months maturing in bourbon whiskey barrels.  Pour this black beauty and smell heaven unfold in front of you.  Bourbon, chocolate and alcohol greet the nose, with a hint of mellow pipe tobacco way at the back.  The 1-finger head thins to a single layer and the 1/4″ of lace that is left gently slides into the beer as the level drops.  There’s an all-encompassing sweetness that is very appealing, due to the use of lactose during the brewing process.  Very Mad Cow’s silky, velvety texture and overall smooth character is enough to enrapture even the most casual beer drinker, but once the beer is truly tasted and savored, the whole story begins to unfold.  Tastes of cocoa, booze, caramel, vanilla, dates, coconut and a coffee-light finish (in conjunction with the alcohol and some hops I presume) imparts a satisfying dryness.  All of these flavors are there to enjoy, but none are overpowering, showing that Very Mad Cow has mastered its balancing act.  If you don’t like bourbon, Very Mad Cow might not be for you.  For me, possibly THE BEST BEER I’VE EVER TASTED!

100/100  Milk Stout, or stout in general, or beer in general.


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  1. […] the tongue, but maybe that’s more of an alcohol bite.  Deth’s Tar is not as creamy as Very Mad Cow, (the bast tasting beer I’ve ever had) but it’s close.  There’s a touch of […]

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