Captain Kickass

Captain Kickass IPA is brewed and served at Piece Pizza in Chicago, a hipster heaven with non-Chicago style pizza offerings (read as “beerbliographer prefers Chicago-style THIN CRUST, preferably pepperoni from L&F in Westmont), loud atmosphere, tight seating and excellent beer.  Somewhere between an IPA and an IIPA, Captain Kickass pours a kind of rusty water-looking, hazy orange with a minimal, sparse head.  A big hop blast greets the nose on the initial whiff, but is nicely interwoven with a big malt presence and a laidback alcohol twang.  Although the head is pretty much gone immediately, and lacing is negligible, Captain Kickass is not flat.  There is plenty of pine and citrus in the taste up front, lots of malty sweetness in the middle with maybe a bubble gum note way in back.  It wasn’t pretty to look at but all other aspects were quite nice.  I loved this beer.


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