Lucky U IPA

Courtesy of Louis Glunz Beer Inc.

The wheel, sliced bread and Sampler 12-packs:  The three greatest inventions of mankind.  Take the Breckenridge Brewery 12-pack for example.  Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla Porter, Avalanche Amber and Lucky U IPA, each one better than the last.  Lucky U IPA pours a pure shade of orange with a big, fluffy head, generous creamy lacing and a picturesque showing of carbonation.  The bouquet is well-balanced for an IPA, with floral hops up front and a nice malty backbone to support it.  Neither is overpowering, both are complimentary of the other, full and pleasant to the palate.  The sweetness of the malt tempers the assertiveness of the hops, which are well-represented yet not astringent as some IPAs can be.  The dry finish is refreshing, and does entice one to consider one or two more Lucky U IPAs after the first is finished.  A really nice IPA!

92/100 IPA


Schloss Eggenberg Doppelbock Dunkel

This Austrian brew is deep brown with red-orange highlights and floats a sparse but consistent tan head.  The bouquet is fabulous:  malty, eggenberg doppelbockroasted carmel, licorice, coffee, raisins…and all well-balanced and very appealing.  Schloss Eggenberg Doppelbock Dunkel has a creamy mouthfeel, really smooth-edged.  It is sweet tasting, malty and earthy with a touch of hoppy resin in the finish.  Be ready for your salivary glands to go full tilt.  The overall flavor is not strong, just well crafted and well balanced.  Finish up with a slight whiff of alcohol in the final exhale and you have one very good doppelbock.

Estrella, Damned if I rememeber…

I have the label and a vague recollection of a malty lager, full-bodied and quite pleasant, but it was late in the session and I was approaching “done”.  And it gave me a chance to say “Barthelona”

Damn Star, or Damn Good...don't recall.

Damn Star, or Damn Good...don't recall.

 all evening.

Organic Revolution

New Glarus Brewing Co. continues to produce fine beers.  Organic Revolution is a bottle aged golden ale.  It’s mildly hazy and golden orange in color.  This beer has a consistent 1/4″ head and leaves a lot of lace, a testament to the quality of the malt.  The bouquet starts sweet and malty and finishes with a mild hoppy bite.  There is a hint of yeast, earthy and not stinky, which I dig.  The carbonation is not vigorous, but it makes its presence known.  Rich and creamy on the palate, a touch of sweetness and spicy hops on the exhale, and ditto that in the finish.  Get some, and make your summer evenings special.