Huge Arker

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Anderson Valley Brewing Company does it again.  The Boonville, CA brewer’s Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is a winner!  Spending 6 months in Wild Turkey barrels has imparted some nice flavors and smells.  Appreciating the rich head and generous lacing seems to make sense, but that is just window dressing.  Below that head is a beer that produces boozy, sweet, deep and rich whiffs of joy that end with a touch of bitterness, much like my early dating experiences.  There are some coffee notes as well, and then there’s the flavor profile with light notes of vanilla.  An underlying sweetness makes a firm foundation for the bourbon flavor.  Huge Arker is sweet on the tongue and bitter on the palette at the same time, and a sharpness in the finish reminds you of how much you enjoyed it for a good while.  Another high quality product from Anderson Valley Brewing Company!

88/100 Barrel-Aged Stout


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