Sunrye Summer Ale  Not much on the label to give me a hint, so here goes.  I can safely assume rye malt was used, and

a good, or at least decent, summer beer

it’s undoubtably wheat malt that makes up the bulk of it.  It’s unfiltered and virtually headless.  It’s pretty bubbly none the less, and bright yellow in color.  I smell cereal in the bouquet with a hint of fruit, and a hint of…paper?  It does leave more lacing than I would have expected, and the taste is sweet, smooth and creamy.  The aftertaste is sweet and there’s a bit of alcohol in the exhale.  This would be easy to consume quickly and in quantity on a hot summer evening.  It’s good, but not really complex or noteworthy.  The graininess may be the best aspect of this beer.  It would wash down some spicy pork and green chile tamales for sure.


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