Boulevard Amber Ale

Courtesy of Boulevard Brw'g. Co.

Boulevard Amber Ale is deep amber, pushing the garnet section of the color wheel.  It has a nice, malty, sweet bouquet.  The head quickly becomes a thin layer of spotty foam but still leaves a fair amount of lacing.  Some,  but not a lot, of carbonation is present.  Boulevard Amber Ale definitely has a smooth and creamy texture and a pleasing mouthfeel.  A bit of roasted grain is present along with a roasted nut quality in the bouquet and in the overall taste.  All of this being said, I still find it a bit boring, but in all fairness I find the whole amber ale style kind of a weak, almost non-commital style.  Obviously there are great brews in this style (Bell’s for one!) but all in all I find better variety of tastes and smells outside of the style.  Boulevard Amber Ale is not bad in any way, but it gets lost among the myriad of taste-alikes that populate the world of amber ales.  60/100


2 Responses

  1. I must agree with your comments about amber ale. I find them boring and a bit too sweet…like many of your old high school girlfriends.

    Waiting for your critique of some of the new Chicago area brews popping up. Like Finch Blonde Ale.


  2. HA! Like I ever had a girlfriend in high school!

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