Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Hot Damn Tamale, Baby, It’s time for Oktoberfest Beer!  I chose the Brooklyn Oktoberfest from the display of Oktoberfests at the local Binny’s.  $8.99 for a six pack.  It pours a deep gold-orange and although the head is initially substantial, it doesn’t take long for it to collapse and virtually disappear.  It does, however leave some lacing.  Brooklyn Oktoberfest gives off a yeasty, roasted caramel bouquet, with a hint of butterscotch.  It is medium-bodied and sweet, and really thickens the saliva.  Now the bad news, or at least the mediocre news.  It’s only OK.  In fact, I feel let down.  Brooklyn has a great reputation, and although I’ve only tried their lager so far, I expected greatness.  Compared to other Oktoberfests, from Leinenkugel to Spaten, this one just doesn’t do anything noteworthy and I would steer you away from it, as there are so many choices these days.  50/100 Oktoberfest/Marzen


2 Responses

  1. I feel like Brooklyn is really good at times and kinda eh at other times. At the bar I work at we have two on tap. I love the brown but hate the pilsner.

    • I feel your pain. I did really enjoy their lager, and I’ve read a lot of great things about them. Lots of favorable reviews on the two big beer review sites, and it makes me think that people tend to love everything from Brooklyn, or that the reviewers don’t drink a lot of Oktoberfests. BTW, picked up Shiner’s version today….

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