Scurvy India Pale Ale

Here's a brewery I'd ike to visit.

Hailing from Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Scurvy IPA by Tyranena Brewing Company opens with a good “pish” and a whiff of brown sugar and hops.  Lots of carbonation and lots of suspended particles, along with a frothy white head greet the eye upon pouring.  The beer is orange-gold and shows a lot of Brussels lace as the head recedes.  The bouquet reveals flowery, fruity, hoppy essences with an underlying rich maltiness.  It is brewed with orange peel, and that may explain the fruitiness, although I wouldn’t call it citrusy.  The texture is naice and the richness of the malt and persistence of the hops end with a dry finish, almost like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on steroids.  This is a really good, over the top, ballsy IPA.


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