Weltenburger Kloster Pils

Image courtesy of Beermenus.com

Image courtesy of Beermenus.com

I’ve looked at this bottle for years, sitting on the shelves of my favorite bottle stores (not an allusion to the Bottle Store in DeKalb, I didn’t look past the Schaeffer display there) and finally went for it.  With a brewing tradition at Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg that goes back to 1050 (!) how could I go wrong?  Well, I didn’t go wrong, I’m here to tell you, although it seems this particular variety of the Weltenburger brand is brewed in Regensberg by Brauerei Bischofshof.  Now, I read other review to compare notes when I write these posts, and was surprised that at two of the major beer rating websites Weltenburger Kloster Pils didn’t rate higher than it did.  I find Weltenburger Kloster Pils to be quite a delight.  Pale gold with a generous head, lively carbonation and globby lacing, Weltenburger Kloster Pils is a lovely beer to behold.  The bouquet is all German, with some sweetness first and a mild peppery hops note after.  It’s sweet on palate and the light bitter quality that lingers on the back of the tongue reminds you that there are some quality noble hops in the mix.  Weltenburger Kloster Pils is an appealing, easy-drinking, 4.9% ABV beer, well-crafted, substantial and yet simple.  I can whole-heartedly recommend this one!

89/100 German Pils


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