Summer Brews for Youze to Choose

The heat of the summer is here, and I have a few recommendations for beers that fit the season.  I tried Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy the other day, and was surprised to find out that I liked it.  It’s a combination of wheat beer and lemonade, very bright, tart and bubbly, and has an unusual finish that reminds me of lemon bar cookies.  I don’t usually go for gimmicky beers, and was given a 12-pack as a gift (thank you Mike), so it was a no-lose situation.  I probably would not buy it for myself, as my preferences are elsewhere, but it was refreshing for a change.

Another appropriate beer for this heat wave is Berghoff Lager.  Joseph Huber Brewing Comapny was bought recently, and their beer brands are being divided among the new brewer (Minhas Craft Brew and the newly created Berghoff Brewing Company), but Berghoff Lager seems unchanged.  I have to tell you I was quite disappointed when I went to Monroe, Wisconsin 2 weeks ago to visit the brewery only to find the tours were suspended during the remodelling and transition period.  To make it worse, Minhas is a Canadian.  I’m kidding, Canadians are no worse than anyone else.  I was just shocked that the Huber name was gone after so many years.  I should have suspected something in 2005, when I last toured the brewery.  They were contract brewing a bunch of Canadian beers that I had never heard of.  They were also contract brewing (or maybe just bottling) for Capital in Middleton, Wisconsin.

I digress.  My point is, try the Berhoff Lager, it’s very refreshing, has a great texture and a European lager kind of taste going on, and I find it to be more complex and enjoyable than its light color and thin head reveal.

Zum Voll!


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