Supper Club Lager

Supper Club looks like a macro-lager and was described to me as Capital Brewing Company’s answer to Spotted Cow.  I don’t think so, it’s not

Supper Club

complex enough, but maybe they are trying to make it their common denominator, please-all beer.  The fleeting white head gives way pretty quickly and lacing is minimal at best.  Supper Club is well-carbonated and the bouquet really wafts, but up close it is generally clean and fresh with just a faraway hint of sulfur.  The smooth velvety texture is appealing, and Supper Club has more body than its light gold color would lead one to believe.  Sweet, but not cloyingly so, with some grain and a hint of hop tang, Supper Club is very drinkable and satisfies your thirst, and at a modest 5% ABV, you can enjoy a few without guilt.  The slogan on the can is “Not Bad”, and that’s about right.  It is a pedestrian beer from a great brewery, but if Capital is trying to lure away Schlitz, Pabst and Miller drinkers, a $15.99 12-pack of cans is not going to do it.

70/100 American Lager


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  1. One of the world’s oldest drinking songs, you may recognize the tune

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