Red Oval Classic Lager

Red Oval Classic, from Red Oval Brewery (AKA Minhas Craft Brewery…why do they always try to fool the consumer?), wow, beer from a can!  This beer is light gold with a good amount of carbonation, a thin head on the initial pour and some lacing as the level recedes.  There’s a little rust in the bouquet, as well as some butter, a typical trait of Minhas.  There is a touch of sugar and banana in the taste, a smooth texture and a decent body.  There’s some honey in the finish.  All in all it’s not bad, and a pleasant surprise.  It’s put it in the category of a Miller High Life.  It’s better than PBR (the beer of choice for hipsters, making it unappealing to me for that reason alone, although it used to be good 25 years ago, but I digress) or Old Style or any of the 30 pack can beers out there.  It’s a 50 out of 100.


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