Dos Perros Ale

The next few posts will be about beer experiences I had last week in Nashville. Most were good, and one was tainted by my not being chosen as cellar man at Boscos, but that is a story for next time. A sad, sad story. Dos Perros Ale from Yazoo Brewing Company is a beer in the style of Mexican beers such as Negra Modello (which I love) with it’s roots in the old Austrian brewing traditions. My first impressions that it smelled like Fat Tire, a little yeasty and earthy, but in a positive way. It is medium brown with light carbonation and a minimal, quickly dissipating head. As I said, there is yeast in the bouquet, along with a touch of coffee. The texture is light, smooth and a bit creamy. The flavor is mild and follows the example of the bouquet with yeast, mild coffee, lightly sweet caramel and a lightly hopped finish. It is very quaffable and I could see it going well with some chicken enchiladas, blacks beans and rice. 65/100


Blanche de Namur

I don’t know if I’m qualified to review Blanche de Namur, but I’ll try.  A dinner guest showed up with an 11.2 oz. bottle (one bottle) and poured it for himself.  I ended up pouring off the last ounce that he didn’t want due to the yeast.  I felt like a garbage picker in my own house, but the guest was a kid and not up to speed on protocol, despite being in boot camp at Great Lakes.  Anyway, here’s what I got out of that last ounce.  Pale yellow with a hint of pink.  Bouquet reminded me of Froot Loops.  The taste was tart, very fizzy and sported a good head (I saw his glass and made notes, stealthily).  The label says it was brewed with coriander, orangeskin and liquorice (sic).  I found no evidence of licorice, but I suppose the orange and coriender explains the Froot Loopinese.  My take is that it is a more expensive, yeastier version of Blue Moon.  Save your money.

Beer in Quebec – Pt. 1

I just spent a few days in Quebec, and enjoyed some new beers.  The best was Brasse-Camarade by microbrasserie La Barberie.  It was a cloudy red ale with a good tan head and vigorous carbonation.  A good bite of alcohol in the nose, followed by a floral tang and then a hearty dose of yeast.  Very fizzy in the mouth, fooling you into thinking it’s lighter than it is, which I found unnecessary, but not offputting.  All in all pretty good, and I love a good ale yeast.