Bourbon Barrel Barleywine Ale

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Whoa, whiffs of butterscotch, rich caramel, and of course bourbon, with vanilla notes open up this wonderful tasting experience!  The alcoholic tang at the end of your first noseful tells you you’re in for a head-rushing treat.  Medium to dark brown in color, Central Waters Brewing Company’s Boubon Barrel Barleywine Ale has been resting in a used bourbon barrel for a year, and in that time has taken on the rich characteristics of bourbon, along with notes of oaky tannins, coc0nut, dark dried fruit, rum and good dose of pine.  The minimal head on top of this excellent beer is nothing to write home about, but the lacing is is good, and it drifts slowly down the sides of the glass and reintegrates into the rich, smooth, malty liquid below.  Enjoy this at cellar temperature to get the most out of all of the smells and tastes, and consider sharing a bottle, as this 11.2% ABV gem will certainly make you take notice.  It is certainly drying on the pallette, and the alcohol warms your gut.  The finish is sharp and dry, but not too long-lasting thanks to the generous, rich malt.  As the weather warms, this beer might become a bit too much, but on a chilly night, by the fireplace, with someone you love, this might be the perfect drink!  Or drink it in bed, with your spouse, watching “Vikings” on the History Channel.

95/100 Barleywine

P.S.  When it’s gone, you’ll probably want to take a whiff of your empty glass every few minutes.  Nice!


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