Giving Thanks

I have many things to give thanks for.  Family, friends, music, the White Sox.  And beer.  Good beer in particular.  Some people think I’m a beer snob, but I’m not.  I had a Miller Lite this weekend, isn’t that proof?  I had a can of Natty Boh last week, if you need more evidence.

Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws gave me a chance to try a new beer.  J.W. Dundee IPA.  I’ve had their Honey Brown, which is OK, but not something I crave, or have ever bought.  The IPA fit this description as well.  It is a little thin and weak, and the hops aren’t strong or spicy enough.  It’s inoffensive at best.

Now, for a live review of Utenos Porter.  6.8% alcohol by volume, this brew hails from Lithuania.  Deep brown with a hint of garnet, it is far from opaque, as some porters are.  It supports a thin head, although it is well carbonated.  The bouquet is really nice, and in the order it greets the nose, banana when the cap is popped, a hint of butterscotch or caramel, light coffee and an alcohol sharpness.  The immediate taste is sharp and slightly sweet, and not too thick.  There is a graininess in the finish, and a smooth maltiness on the edges of the tongue.  Again, alcohol is noticed in the exhale, and the malt tstes and texture remains.  I like it.  It’s not as strong or thick as what I would expect from a porter, but it does seem like a hearty brew.  I’ll buy it again, and it really is a nice late November kind of beer.  I am thankful for it.


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