Guinness Black Lager

Guinness Stout and Smithwick’s had a love child and Guinness Black Lager is it, althought the kid doesn’t have as much personality as either of its parents.  It is a deep, deep, brown-black colored brew, almost opaque.  Its 2-finger head recedes quickly and leaves a goodly amount of Brussels Lace.  A couple of globs of foam remain for the duration, supported by pretty substantial carbonation it would seem.  The bouquet has a hoppy quality at first and then gives way to a lightly roasted barley note followed by a light touch of sweetness.  It is smooth and mild-flavored for a black lager, having flavors of toasted dark bread and carmelly malt.  There is a little dryness and bitterness in the finish, and the body is lighter than you would have expected.  All in all, the beer is subdued, making itself more accessible to standard American-style lager drinkers.  I had hoped for more, but I can’t say it’s a bad beer.  I will say that I prefer Capital Dark, Beck’s Dark and Warsteiner Dunkel, also good beers for those uninitiated into the Dark Lager style.   67/100


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