Trois Pistoles

Another winner from one of the best brewers in North America, Unibroue, and a nice explanation of the story of Trois Pistoles on their website as well. A whiff of banana comes immediately after opening and pouring. A little clove, a little candi sugar, sweet, tangy and a tad bitter in the end. Trois Pistoles is dark brown and very effervescent. The head starts strong and slowly fades to an outer ring w/ splotches here and there on the surface. There is some lacing but it slides down as quickly as you drink. It’s a gut warmer at 9% ABV, and it really made my ears warm and red too. There is some fruity sweetness as it warms, as well as a doughy quality in the exhale. This is a very good dark ale. 90/100


Grand Beer in Grand Rapids

Try this!

Try this!

I have sung the praises of Bell’s Amber Ale before, and had a chance to enjoy it on draft recently.  I was in Grand Rapids learning about aluminum extrusions, kerf cutting and other fascinating industry fallderall, and had time to pour a few pints down my neck in the evening.  The 22 oz. Bell’s drafts were phenomenal.  Malty, effervescent, sweet and smooth.  Another winner was New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Ale.  It was a dark, dark ale, with a chocolate-coconut-vanilla vibe going on, with a smokey, bourbony aroma that mainlines to the nostrils.  I’d like to revisit that one soon, and this time enjoy it outside a cigarette-infested roach motel like the one in GR where I sipped it with coworkers and a local character known as Slim Dart.  Go Tigers, Slim!

Dragon’s Milk

I had 2 beers from New Holland Brewing Company this weekend, and both were excellent.  I’ll start with Dragon’s Milk.  It’s a strong dark ale, aged in oak bourbon barrels, which imparts an interesting natural flavor.  The higher alcohol content also gives of more of a liquor vibe.  It’s a dark brown beer, but not opaque like a stout.  The head was a bit thin, but the lacing was consistent.  The texture was thin, but the taste was complex, and the finish was dry with a whoosh of alcohol.  Not my choice for a spring day, but it went well with the Tiroler Hackschnitzel and kraut at Chef Paul’s.  I look forward to enjoying it again, if it’s offered in the fall.

The other beer I tried was Mad Hatter IPA…

More to come on that one.