Rock Bottom Lombard

When I visited the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Lombard, IL, I expected some nice beers but what I got were some GREAT beers!  Senior Brewer Timothy Marshall and staff are to be commended.  Let’s start with Clusterfunk!, an American-style Milk Stout.  This 11% ABV brew has spent 8 months aging in an oak Woodford Reserve bourbon barrel on top of Montmorency cherries.  What a great idea.  Clusterfunk! is black and opaque and sports a deep beige head.  Once the head dissipates it leaves very little lacing, and that which remains slowly slides down the glass as it’s drained.  The bouquet has discernable notes of chocolate, vanilla, cherries and booze.  It tastes of all of the above with additional hints of coconut and chocolate milk.  It is smooth in the mouth and thinner bodied than I expected, making it seem like a liqueur.  There are notes of coffee, mild cherry, roasted malt and chocolate in the finish, along with a hint of tartness of the citrus hop variety.  I’d call Clusterfunk! unbelievable!

Rickshaw Rye Porter was equally amazing.  Deep brown with a nitrogen infused head that lasts for the duration, Rickshaw Rye Porter smells of roasted malt and coffee with a peppercorn spiciness and a touch of yeast.  The rye adds an earthy quality to the taste, with some heavy cream and chocolate present.  This brew is pub-draft smooth and leaves no heavy aftertaste.  The Brussels lace that remains on the glass is reminiscent of  “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, by Hokusai, making Rickshaw Rye Porter as pleasant to look at as it is to drink.  Well done!


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