Scream IPA

screamWith a bold red label that features “Old Abe”, an 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infrantry Civil War mascot, and the taunting slogan “drink indigenous” (since I can’t buy this beer and I live a mere 2.5 hours away), Scream IPA from New Glarus Brewing Company grabs my attention from the start.  The honey gold beverage with the fluffy head and ample carbonation also do a good job of grabbing my attention.  The pine and grapefruit note forewarn me of the impending hop bomb attack, but the flavor lacks in the bouquets intensity.  That’s a good thing.  Something in back of the grapefruit tang and malty mouthfeel stirs a vague memory of Christmas candy or some element of cuisine from holidays past, but I just can’t put my finger on it.  A good dose of sweetness rounds out the experience, and a drying sensation on the palette, more than a bitter one, is what is the afterglow that I’m basking in.  This is a good IPA and one I highly recommend, especially when paired with a good, smokey pork roast fresh off the charcoal grill and a nice batch of garlic/blue cheese smashed potatoes.


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