Dark Rich & Sexy Porter

Or is it Porter, Dark, Rich & Sexy?  Either way, Founders Brewing Company of Grand Rapids, MI, has a nice 6.5% ABV American porter here.  Black, opaque and lovely, D, R & S has a splotchy, tan head that laces fabulously.  There’s some light coffee and chocolate in the bouquet, and a little bready yeast as well.  There’s more coffee in the flavor profile, with some licorice too.  It’s bitter at first but mellows quickly.  There’s a little earthiness in this substantial, hearty brew as well.  There’s a nice touch of piney hops in the finish, but still, it’s more about the coffee and roasted flavors I’d say.  I like it.


One Response

  1. One of my favorite Porters – It has the richest flavor profile I’ve found. The Kona I had this week is close, little more rounded and sweet with hints of citrus. Southern Tier’s Robust Porter is in it’s league as well… but Founder’s is for sure the “richest” of them. A great beer!

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