Glacial Trail IPA

Image courtesy of Central Waters Brewing Company, Inc.

Glacial Trail IPA (Central Waters Brewing Co., Inc., Amherst, WI) is the poster boy for head.  Holy cow, this head is huge and long lasting, reminiscent of a root beer float head, complete with the sticky residue on the glass as it recedes, however slowly and slightly.  Glacial Trail IPA is deep golden and hazy with minimal visible carbonation, and a full, hoppy bouquet, sweet and citrusy with a firm, malty foundation.  Full-bodied with plenty of bready malt notes, the initial hoppiness in the bouqet is not fully trasnslated into the taste, but the dryness in the finish confirms the hops presence.  There is a refreshing bitterness and a warm alcohol note (5.5 ABV) in the exhale that concludes the Glacial Trail experience nicely.

73/100  American IPA


2 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Beer Expert,
    mmmmm sounds good! I will look for that one. I have a question: When one orders a beer on tap and it arrives with “minimum visible carbonation,” how does the drinker know if it is supposed to have minimal visible carbonation or if there’s a problem with the carbonation at the bar?

  2. It partially depends on the style of beer you are ordering. English Bitters are generally low in carbonation, Imperial stouts are what I’d call average and Fruit Lambics (like New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red) or Dunkelweizens are very highly carbonated. You generally know if beer is flat from taste and texture. Sometimes the lines are not kept clean and beer becomes infected – buttery flavors and lifeless flatness. If you order a Miller High Life on tap, it should sparkle! If not, get bottled beer.

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