Boss Tom’s Golden Bock

Image courtesy of Boulevard Brewing Co.

Named for a local political boss from the 1920s (Tom Perndergast), Boss Tom’s Golden Bock from Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City, MO is a nice maibock style beer.  It’s golden for sure, with lots of carbonation, a fugacious* head, and an ample amount of lace that slides slowly down the glass to be assimilated into the remaining beer.  The bouquet is well balanced, but I’m not sure if that is appropriate for the style.  I expect sweeter and not hoppy.  The texture is smooth and creamy, but the beer is not as sweet as the bouquet leads one to believe.  There is a dry, bitter finish, which caps off the drink nicely.  Boss Tom’s Golden Bock is very drinkable, well-balanced, not cloyingly sweet and even has some graininess in the finish.  It’s good, and the label is good too.  75/100 Bock

* Lasting a short time; evanescent.


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