Old Style Lager

Old Style: It's Dennis Farina's Great Beer.

Don’t laugh.  Yes, Old Style.  It was an impulse buy, end of the aisle kind of thing.  The bottle looked like a baseball bat, had a Cubs logo and said Chicago’s Beer Since 1902.  OK, you can laugh.  I did.  If I bought it, I can only imagine how the cub fans went nuts for it.  Old Style is the beer south side kids stole from their fathers and hid in snow banks on a Friday night, to drink before a high school basketball game.  I presume.  Old Style is pale straw in color, fairly well carbonated and does support a bit of a head for the duration.  The bouquet is sweet with a faint graininess and virtually no hops presence.  It is thin-bodied, mildly sweet, fizzy on the tongue and finally shows a bit of hop bitterness at the back of the tongue and throat.  Not exactly how I remember it from 1979, and that is only a bit disappointing, but it’s not bad.  I prefer the can with the bullfrog and the monk peeing up in the mountains.  Old Style:  It’s better than nothing and not offensive.  55/100 macro lager.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say the worst song ever is Patio Lanterns by Kim Mitchell.  Thank you.


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