Dynamo Hum

You don’t need to be a fan of Zappa to appreciate Dynamo Copper Lager.  Despite complete lack of head retention, no lacing and minimal carbonation, the flavor of this beer is well-crafted.  The rusty copper color shows a bit of haze.  The bouquet is similar to a home-brewed brown ale, primarily yeasty.  There is a slight hint of perfumey hops, and maybe a sweet bread.  The texture is not bad, as it is full and smooth, and not at all heavy.  A bit more carbonation would have made the “not bad” a “pretty good”.  The flavor is yeasty and doughy with a touch of sweetness in the finish.  There is a hint of pepper in the exhale, followed by grain.  This beer has great potential, and I’m hoping that the next bottle is better.  This beer is brewed and bottled by two people, and I would think that there is more of a chance for some inconsistency because of this, when compared to mass-produced, assembly line beer.  But actually, that is part of the charm of this beer, and I believe that Metropolitan Brewing is a high quality operation, and that my next Dynamo is going to electrify me.  Not a lot of Vienna-style lagersout there to compare it to, maybe Negra Modelo or Sam Adams’ version – dynamolabelthe only two I can think of having tried, but it is a great style and I am happy to see it hasn’t been forgotten.


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