Oktoberfest Revolution

Image courtesy of Revolution Brewery

Image courtesy of Revolution Brewery

One of the best beer seasons of the year is here, and there are many Oktoberfest beers available, from the traditional Bavarian brews to the limited run local brews.  Oktoberfest Revolution, from Revolution Brewery in Chicago is a 5.7% ABV that pours red-gold with average carbonation and floats a meager head.  There is a rich malt bouquet, with hints of cider, pepper and light, rusty hops.  The mild roasted malt and sweetness that Oktoberfest Revolution displays present themselves nicely in the exhale.  There’s a bit of a hop presence as well, in the form of a vegetal/herbal vibe, and a taste of clean pennies.  Think about it.  It’s a decent beer, and a style I used to be crazy about, but now just find kind of charming and nostalgic.  Maybe my aging taste buds require more to excite them these days.

Anyway, Oktoberfest Revolution s a good drink to accompany heavy food, and I’d recommend it, especially if you want to drink local (Chicago).

75/100 Oktoberfest


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