Good Old #34

America’s Brewing Company makes a number of good beers, but I need to tell you about this one.  Walter Payton Pilsner.  Forget the fact that it’s named after my favorite Bear of all time.  It’s a pretty picture.  Deep yellow, vigorous carbonation and a nice, fluffy, persistent head.  It leaves plenty of lacing as the level goes down, too.  There’s a sweet hoppiness in the bouquet, but at this point the bouquet is only eminating from the head, kind of favoring the hoppiness.  The bouquet reminds me of the first Moosehead I drank, on Mt. Tom near Pentwater, Michigan, with my brother, while camping out.  There’s almost a berry sweetness (I said Sweetness, how clever) to it once the head has been disturbed.  The texture is nice, not too thick, a bit sharp to hoppy to sweet to dry, in order of appearance.  There’s a hint of grain in the finish as well.  This stuff has a lot going for it, but I may be partial because of sentimental reasons.  None the less, it would be a welcome addition (and will probably become part of the permanent collection) to my well stocked beer fridge.


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