He’Brew Genesis Ale

What a beautiful sight to behold!  He’Brew Genesis Ale by Schmaltz Brewing Company is deep orange with a slight haze, big fluffy head, plenty of Brussels lace and a goodly amount of fine carbonation.  The bouquet continues the beautiful trend…a perfect mix of sweet and sharp with a touch of citrus and dough thrown in for good measure.  This truly is a food-like ale, in that it has a breadlike quality coming from the malt, but it is not a heavy brew.  I’d call it full-bodied but not filling, or perhaps medium-bodied would be more accurate.  There is a pleasant sweetness in the taste, balanced well by a nice dose of hops, and a hint of bitterness in the finish.  And on top of it all, it’s kosher!

It is also a clever beer.  I’ve always gotten a chuckle out of the labels for He’Brew beers, with their plays on words pertaining to the Jewish faith and lifestyle.  The label is also fun, evoking a Marc Chagall stained glass window, in a strange way.  Don’t let the cleverness of the packaging fool you into thinking it’s a novelty brew of some sort, because Genesis Ale is the real deal.  You can bet I’ll delve deeper into the He’Brew line of products.  Brown ale 88/100


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