Dinkel Acker Shoots Smack


dinkackdark1There’s a Jr. High book fair reference for you to enjoy.  Anyway, Dinkel Acker Dark lager is the subject, so let’s get on it.  This beer was not as dark as a Beck’s Dark for example, but gives a lighter, somewhat amber/orange and a bit more transparent visual to the observer.  The head retention is not wonderful despite vigorous carbonation, but a surface head remains throughout, again with a slightly orange cast to it.  Its mild bouquet is mainly malty, with a tartness and a carmelly finish.  The smooth, round mouthfeel is appealing, with a the balance between sweet and hoppy leaning more towards the sweet side.  There is a nice whiff of alcohol in the finish, but overall I found Dinkel Acker Dark a bit pedestrian.  Not bad by any means, but just not something I think I’ll have cravings for.


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