Night Time

night timeWell, when you start with an uninspired name for your beer and a super ugly label, you set the bar kind of low.  Fortunately Lagunitas has a good track record as far as the actual beer goes, but I like to start a journey on a high note.  The giant, lacey head that Night Time sports is long-lasting and frothy, so things are looking up.  The bouquet is definitely hop-forward with both piney and floral notes.  The rich malt makes its presence known by fortifying Night Time with a full, smooth body and roasty demeanor.  There’s a bit of a twang to it in the finish (fortified with Cascades hops and 7.9% ABV) and a hint of toffee or butterscotch in the exhale.  A good way to end the journey.  Night Time is a good American Black Ale.

85/100 black ale


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