Stift Schlagl Red Ale

Well, it’s fun to say.  It’s downhill from there.  It’s brewed at a Premonstatensian Monestary (wha?) in the Muhlviertel

Rust never sleeps.

 region of Upper Austria, so technically, that is uphill from here, but anyway…  Stift Schlagl Red Ale is a rusty, peachy orange color with lots of fine suspended particles.  It sports a splotchy head, leaves a lot of lace and has average carbonation.  The bouquet contains a touch of rusty hops and some roasted grain.  The taste begins rusty, kind of like the taste of your own blood, but becomes less so after a few sips, once you get used to it.  A thick maltiness affects the back of the tongue and throat while the rusty hops get the front of the tongue.  All in all, rusty and unpleasant.  39/100 Red Ale


Carbonated Water Meets Rust Nail: MGD 64

Consider getting a tetanus shot first.

Consider getting a tetanus shot first.

MGD 64 is light gold, or just plain yellow, a yellow in the piddle family of yellows.  If poured vigorously there seems to be a goodly amount of carbonation and a white fluffy head, evanescent as it may be.  The bouquet is…almost non-existent, but I do detect a hint of grain.  The body is thin, and the flavor I find is that of rusty water.  There is no real aftertaste, and surprisingly there is some lacing.  My boss described MGD 64 as “carbonated water, throw in a rusty nail for color.”  That’s pretty accurate.

Bell’s Amber Ale

I worried about this one at first, but it somewhat redeemed itself in the end.  Bell’s Amber Ale poured like rusty water and produced a minimal fleeting, head.  There was noticeable carbonation, so it’s not as if it is totally flat, just a little disappointing in the presentation.  The bouquet is great, being sweet, malty and possessing a hint of citrus in the finish.  Great malty taste, notes of carmel, and a whiff of stinky yeast in the finish.  So, the taste experience is a Bell curve, coincidentally, with the high point being the actual act of swallowing.  If you want to try a GREAT beer from Bell’s, try the Double Cream Stout on a crisp fall day. 

And Go White Sox.