Racer 5 by Bear Republic

photo courtesy of menuinprogress

Cloudy and chunky (it’s bottle conditioned), medium gold, Racer 5 sports a fluffy head at first, which collapses into a splotchy, random-shaped glob of foam clumps that continue to cover the surface for at least half of the duration.  The bouquet is a definite WOW!  Hoppy yes, but the richness of the malt is also at the forefront.  It smells fresh and invigorating.  The taste is sweet and rich for a moment, then the tang of the hops takes over with alacrity.  The abundant lacing slides gradually down the the glass as the level drops, and it drops quickly in this case.  A nice full body, rich texture and a hop/alcohol bite at the end.  A very good IPA!


3 Responses

  1. I agree! I first tried this at The Publican following a recommendation from Paul Kahan. Since then, this has become a go to beer when I am looking for beer by the six pack.

    What type of glass are you drinking from? And do you think that matters? Maybe that could be the topic of a future entry?

  2. Every beer its glass, Monty. I use a tulip glass the first time I try a beer so I can get a full whiff of the bouquet and a good look at the activity within. After that, Iuse a glass appropriate for the beer style. You’re right again. That would make a great future post. I’m sending you a Beerbliographer t-shirt in thanks for your loyal support. Same address on North W. St? If not, e-mail the address to beerbliographer@comcast.net

    Eliot Purcell

    PS, try Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye!

  3. Sent you my address. Wow thanks!!

    I feel very special.

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