Scotch Silly

The label is what's silly here. They make fonts that will fill that space naturally.

Yes, there is a place in Belgium called Silly, and there they have a brewery called Brasserie De Silly SA.  They make a beer called Scotch Silly and it reminded me of myself.  Reason enough to avoid it, but alas I could not resist.  Scotch Silly has a prominent carmel bouquet that strikes you immediately and forcefully.  It is nut brown in color with a splotchy head.  It is very sweet indeed, and there is a strong whiff of alcohol (8% ABV) as it is sipped.  There is some distant dryness in the finish, but mainly a gut warming sensation and more sweetness is what is Scotch Silly offers the drinker.  There is no smokey quality present, and I want that in a Scotch Ale.  I’m not a big fan of Scotch Silly.  Additionally, as a typographer, the overly forced copy on the label makes me cringe.  55/100 on the beerbliographer scale for Scotch Ales.


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