Headless Man Amber Alt

Image courtesy of tyrenena.com

Image courtesy of tyrenena.com

There’s an ample, single layer beige head on this honey colored brew.  Headless Man Amber Alt from Tyranena Brewing Co., Lake Mills, WI gives off a yeasty, caramel bouquet, wafted by a goodly amount of carbonation.  Smooth-bodied, a bit malty, a bit yeasty, a bit nutty and a touch of tang, Headless Man seems to be trying to do something, but I don’t know what.  Kind of a nuance-free, not complex beer.  That’s not always a bad thing, but I liked to be wowwed.

66/100 Alt


Shiner Old-Time Alt

malt + hops = balance

Shiner Old-Time Alt, part of the Family Reunion 12-pack from Spoetzel Brewery of Shiner, TX pours a beautiful copper color, produces a big old white head and laces like whitewash on the sides of your glass.  This Dusseldorf-style altbier achieves the balance characteristic of the style from beginning to end.  The clean, crisp bouquet starts with a lightly floral hop vibe and ends with malt leaning toward the carmelly side.  Shiner Old-Time Alt is medium-bodied and is lively on the tongue despite not showing a lot of carbonation.  The malt is up front on the palate and hoppy dryness is at the back, in equal measures.  Again, balance is achieved and appreciated in this alt.  It’s not complex or daunting, just a good beer with some character, and a change from the ordinary.  Why do people drink Bud Light when beer like Old-Time Alt is available?

The answer to that semi-rhetorical question is:  83/100 on the beerbliorgapher scale for altbiers.  Good day.

Boscos of Nashville

We recently visited Nashville and enjoyed a few beers at Boscos Restaurant for Beer Lovers.  The coolest thing about Boscos is that every day around 5:30 they choose a patron to be honorary cellarman, the person to tap their daily keg of cask-conditioned beer.  For every beer you order you get a raffle ticket and the barman randomly draws a winning ticket.  I say randomly because I tried to curry favor by writing the store manager, mentioning my blog and asking what I might do to enhance my chances of winning the honor of being chosen cellarman.  Suffice it to say no favor was shown despite my attempts.  Nashville is not Chicago.  None the less, I truly dug their beer.  The Famous Flaming Stone Beer was medium gold, had an average amout of carbonation and a sparse, thin head, and the lace gradually slides down the glass.  The bouquet is lightly malty with little hops to note.  The body is smooth and full-bodied without being heavy.  It’s more flavorful than the bouquet would have you imagine.  Lightly sweet with an immediate dryness, it leaves a pleasant yet fleeting aftertaste.  The Germantown Alt is copper with a tan head, light carbonation and plenty of lacing.  There is a dryness in the bouquet, some lightly roasted carmel notes and a smooth body.  It’s creamy sweet and dry, with more dryness and roasted carmel in the finish.  Isle of Sky Scottish Ale is malty, smokey and yeasty, and a satisfying brew all the way around.  The Oatmeal Stout, great.  I took fewer notes as each pint arrived,  but I can tell you that Boscos is great.  And to think, they could have been wearing the beerbliographer t-shirts I brought as a token of my appreciation, but no!  I’ll try bribing the Memphis branch next time.