Hercule Stout

Mystery solved:  Hercule Stout is Exceptional!Hercule Stout from Brasserie Des Legendes, Ellezelles, Belgium is name for famed Belgian detective (actually, more of a fictional literary character) and I detect an amazing chain of events are about to occur.  It pours tar black and lets no light through.  In fact, it devours light and spits out spent photons.  Hercule’s 1/4″ head is of a fine bead and covers the entire surface of the beer, while lacing the glass with a wallpaper paste-like wash.  The bouquet has some smoked meat, some bourbon, some heavy cream, and even some coffee and chocolate.  Finally, a hint of anise makes itself known.  Very complex and well-balanced between sweet and savory.  Hercule’s texture is smooth and creamy and the taste follows the bouquet closely, with an alcohol tang (9% ABV) to take the place of the subdued hops in the role of malt balancer.  It’s actually a bit lighter than you’d think to look at it.  There’s even as touch of coconut in the exhale, and a little bitterness to wrap up the experience.  This is an exceptional beer, and really quite a gourmet offering.

92/100 Stout


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