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AmEn! barrel-aged barleywine ale from Cahoots Brewing/Ten Ninety Brewing Company, Zion, IL is a nice find.  It pours ruby red and has a minimal head and lacing, though it appears well carbonated.  AmEn! has a big caramel bouquet, some alcohol tang and not much of a hops presence, and what there is is lost in the tang.  As for the body:  smooth and thick.  The sweetness of AmEn! is up front, and at 11.1% ABV the gut-warming sensation is fast and furious.  The finish once again shows you that alcohol bite, and the barrel-aging introduces an earthy quality.  AmEn! is a good sipper.  It’s not too complex, but is interesting enough to make you think about what you’re drinking.  I love barleywines and barrel-aging but like most beers in this category, a little goes a long way and you should share a bottle with a friend.


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