old-chicagoWhat’s the big deal about the reintroduction of Schlitz?  The original formula is being produced again (contract brewed by Pabst, who does not even make their own Blue Ribbon any more) and everyone is trying it.  Is it noastalgia for the 50s and 60s that drives this curiosity?  I bought a 6-pack ($5.99) and gave it a go, as I am one to follow the masses blindly.  Guess what?  It’s OK, but nothing more.  I can get a 30-pack of High Life for $12.99 on a good day and find it at least equal in taste and quality to the $1-a-bottle Schlitz.  When they reintroduce Peter Hand’s Old Chicago, and if they brew it at the Schoenhoffen Brewery at 18th and Canalport, sign me up for a sixer of that.  Edelweiss can’t be far behind.  Yusay?  Interesting.


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