Trouble Brewing Amber Ale

Sam’s Club is notorious for the pedestrian beers they offer.  This beer came from a brewery I can’t find information on.  Trouble Brewing of Rochester, NY.  I picked this up in an 18-pack from Sam’s Club, so I suspect this was made by the same people who made the variety 18-pack in a metal tub called “American Beer Styles” or something like that, that came with a good History of Beer in America Book.  Certain qualities in the beer itself, particularly the brown-sugary flavors that appear as the beer warms and the thin body also remind me of the metal tub beers as well.  That was brewed by MDII I believe, also listed as Rochester, NY.  Anyway, Trouble Brewing Amber Ale is not too amber, more honey colored, extremely carbonated and able to produce a consistent head with decent lacing.  The taste is lightly malty, and the hops are even lighter tasting.  Body is thin but smooth, and very quaffable.  At approximately $1.00 per beer this is overpriced and not something I would buy again.  At least not for myself.  So if I show up at your house with an 18-pack of “small batch, craft brewed” Trouble Brewing Amber Ale, it’s only because I don’t like you that much, but felt a need to be polite.


2 Responses

  1. Bring Wisconsin Club then.

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