Hop Czar Imperial IPA


Hop Czar - GET SOME!

Hop Czar by Bridgeport Brewing Company, Portland, OR, is an Imperial IPA to get excited about.  I’ve read some reviews that question the Imperial-ness of Hop Czar, but that is neither here nor there.  Hop Czar is GREAT!  Let’s start with the wonderful bouquet that is released as soon as the bottle ($3.99 / 22 oz., 7.5% ABV) is opened.  Hop Czar has a prominent hoppy presence as you would expect, but it is quickly buttressed by a solid, malty wall – absolutely perfect.  This IPA is deep gold with a touch of pink, floats a giant, creamy head and leaves more Brussels lace than a Belgian seamstress in the early stages of dementia.  The first sensation that hits your mouth is a dryness that the massive quantities of piney hops within produce, and is soon followed by a smooth mouthfeel and then WHAM – the hops explode on the palate.  Finally a substantial malt follow up brings the experience to a satisfying close.  Dry, bitter, sweet and delicious.  You want a kick-*ss IPA that is not so over the top that you don’t want a second one in the same session?  Hop Czar is the one!  94/100 IPA


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