Stift Schlagl Red Ale

Well, it’s fun to say.  It’s downhill from there.  It’s brewed at a Premonstatensian Monestary (wha?) in the Muhlviertel

Rust never sleeps.

 region of Upper Austria, so technically, that is uphill from here, but anyway…  Stift Schlagl Red Ale is a rusty, peachy orange color with lots of fine suspended particles.  It sports a splotchy head, leaves a lot of lace and has average carbonation.  The bouquet contains a touch of rusty hops and some roasted grain.  The taste begins rusty, kind of like the taste of your own blood, but becomes less so after a few sips, once you get used to it.  A thick maltiness affects the back of the tongue and throat while the rusty hops get the front of the tongue.  All in all, rusty and unpleasant.  39/100 Red Ale


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