80 Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer


Image courtesy of Boulevard Brewing Company.

A wheat beer/IPA hybrid, sounds like a good idea to me.  Hazy yellow with lively carbonation 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer (from the genius brewers of Boulevard Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO) floats a frothy, meringue-like head and presents itself as a picture perfect specimen.  The first impression in the nose is floral and piney, and subsequent impressions is more wheat beer specific with lemon and tartness.  80 Acre is sharp and lively on the tongue with a lemon zest zing in the finish.  The bit of sweetness on the tongue is quickly erased by a drying bitterness, but not an overly powerful one.  That’s just the IPA talking.  This is a really nice beer, and will be even better in the summer!  For anyone who likes a summer shandy, dump that lemonade and try one of these!


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