Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

Hot summer weather signals to me the time to put away the heavier beers of the springtime and to seek out on German-style lagers and hoppy ales.

My pick of the month is Great Lakes Brewing Company ‘s Dortmunder Gold.This lager is deep gold and sffervescent, and it ably supports a fluffy white head. It has a hoppy aroma w/ a hint of yeast. The mouthfeel is full with a lively texture. It tastes a bit sweet, mildly sharp and a bit dry. The finish highlights the rich malt. It is well balanced, and an excellent beer. It’s brewed in Cleveland, but don’t hold that against it.My rating system goes from 0 to 100, 0 being absolute swill (Michelob Ultra is down there somewhere), 50 being an OK everyday beer (Miller Light, Rolling Rock, things like that) and 100 being the best beer ever (Ommegang has some brews that push the 100 mark). I call Dortmunder Gold a 95. You can find it at better liquor stores for about $7.00 a six pack.


One Response

  1. You’ve sold me. I’m getting some Dortmunder Gold as soon as my kids finish up the Michelob Ultra (kidding!)

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