Shiner Hefeweizen

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Shiner Hefeweizen (Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, TX) is gold, cloudy and super effervescent.  Its fluffy white head collapses into a consistent 1/4″ thick layer that wafts a dry, papery bouquet.  Warming a bit, the bouquet becomes more sweet and citric with a slight hint of alcohol (5.4% ABV).  Shiner Hefeweizen used to be called Honey Wheat, and the honey presence is noticed in the sweetness of the flavor profile and the smoothness of the body.  It’s a little tart too, but not overly.  Shiner Hefeweizen is brewed with lemon and orange peels, and the citrus qualities are nicely done and refreshing.  I sense a little buttery quality at the back of my tongue and that is really the only thing I am not a fan of.  Despite the many subtleties of Shiner Hefeweizen, it is not a complex beer and is in fact a good summer beer.

70/100 hefeweizen


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