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Don’t let the dishsoap-like suds put you off, beneath this head that recedes quicker than my hairline lies a tasty black brew.  Brash Smoglifter, brewed by Mercury Brewing Co., Ipswich, MA, is a 10% ABV Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout that is very enjoyable despite a few minor flaws.  That does not include the mildly disturbing, post-apocalytic label art, creepily awesome!  I don’t even want to know what it means.  Smoglifter has a big coffee bouquet with a very light hint of cocoa.  Smoglifter also gives you a bit of an alcoholic tang in the nose.  It is disappointingly thin-bodied and lace-free (this is an Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout after all), but still manages to have a somewhat velvety texture.  The finish is dry and coffee-like, with the slightest dark chocolate vibe.  The beer guy at Binny’s recommended it, saying it was is favorite beer, but it wasn’t creamy or sweet enough for my liking.  Good, and certainly worth a try.  The flavors are nice but I had hoped for more texture and complexity.



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