Wee Heavy

Wee won't be buying this again.

Belhaven’s Wee Heavy was found on the bargain table at Lemon Tree in Downers Grove, reason enough to try it.  It is brown but clear, sporting a good 1/4″ light beige head with white lace, lots of it, washing the sides of the glass.  On the pour there is a bit of a hop presence, and almost a German macrolager bouquet, but in the glass for a minute the maltiness of the bouquet becomes the predominant smell, with a touch of smokiness to compliment it nicely.  There is a touch of caramel and butterscotch in the taste as well, and a noticeable dry finish, but I’m not sure I like the vibe.  I know it is well carbonated because I keep belching.  There’s something mysterious in the finish that I don’t quite like.  It’s a kind of sourness present in the dryness that I’m just not very fond of.  This is one that ends up down the sink.  Scottish Ale  40/100


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