Miller High Life Light

Have 3 or 4, they're small.

Let’s start by asking a reasonable question:  Why do we need 4 light beers from the same mega-brewer?  That would be Miller Lite, MGD Light, MGD 64 and Miller High Life Light, the subject of this post.  It seems a bit ridiculous, and those are just the Miller products from MillerCoors.  Anyway, Miller High Life Light is basically a watered down High Life, and some may argue that High Life is itself pretty watery.  None the less, I would be remiss if I were not to give a fair and complete review of the product.  First off, it should be enjoyed straight from the bottle.  To pour it is a waste and may lead to a disappointing experience.  High Life Light is very pale gold and possesses lively carbonation.  It’s texture is light and there is some body to it.  Expect a grainy taste and light hop dryness, and a grainy finish as well.  As far as light beers go, this one is average.  A good beer to accompany a White  Sox game on the garage radio on a warm summer evening, and have 3 or 4 without thinking twice.  Their simplicity allow them to be consumed quickly and without much thought, but I think that is the point the brewer has in mind.  53/100 for light beers.


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